Sample Set #69


Introducing "SAMPLE SET #69: DECRIMINALIZATION ANNIVERSARY" - a unique cannabis sampler set commemorating the first anniversary of cannabis decriminalization in Thailand on June 9, 2022. This unique set features 6g of cannabis in total, with 3g of AAA flower and 2g of AAA crumb, and 1g of AA. Enjoy the celebration and exploration of the world of cannabis with these captivating strains and product options:

  1. Expert Gorilla (1g) - AAA GRADE Unleash your inner beast with Expert Gorilla, a potent 40% Indica / 60% Sativa hybrid with a 23% THC content. This powerful strain offers a balanced high, providing both mental stimulation and physical relaxation for an all-around experience.

  2. Purple Kush (1g) - AAA GRADE Immerse yourself in the relaxing world of Purple Kush, a 100% Indica strain with a 20% THC content. This classic strain is known for its earthy, grape-like aroma and long-lasting, soothing body high, making it perfect for unwinding after a day of festivities.

  3. Sherbert (1g) - AAA GRADE Step into the delightful world of Sherbert, an irresistibly smooth and sweet indica-dominant hybrid strain. With a THC content of 20%, this strain offers a balanced blend of calming effects, making it an ideal choice for alleviating both mental and physical discomforts.

  4. Mystery Sample (1g) - AA GRADE Discover the thrill of the unknown with our Mystery Sample, a 1g sample of an intriguing, carefully selected AA grade strain. This unlabelled offering provides an exciting opportunity for an unexpected cannabis journey.

  5. Do-Si-Dos Crumb Edition (2g) - AAAA GRADE Unveiling the Do-Si-Dos Crumb Edition, a premium AAAA cannabis experience. This unique form preserves the full potency and rich tapestry of flavors found in the original, full-sized buds, offering a unique, flavorful, and balanced cannabis experience without the need for additional grinding.

Celebrate the decriminalization anniversary with "SAMPLE SET #69: DECRIMINALIZATION ANNIVERSARY", and continue exploring the world of cannabis with these exceptional products. Order yours today and join the celebration!


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