Songkran Set #2 ( Sample Set )
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Songkran Set #2

Introducing the Songkran Set #2, a meticulously curated selection designed to celebrate Songkran's vibrant spirit with a cannabis twist. This exclusive set includes a one-hitter and an eclectic mix of cannabis strains totaling 8 grams of bud across different quality tiers.

Due to overwhelming demand, we're limiting purchases to one set per customer, allowing everyone a chance to experience this unique offering.


  1. CAKES N CREAM (TOP SHELF: AAAA): Enjoy the perfect 50/50 balance of Sativa and Indica with this AAAA-grade strain, boasting a 25% THC content. It's celebrated for its euphoric and relaxing effects, with a sweet aroma reminiscent of vanilla cream and fresh pastries.

  2. TOPANGA CANYON X MIKE LARRY - MINI POP (TOP SHELF: AAAA): This balanced hybrid, with 25% THC, comes in convenient popcorn mini-sized buds. Earthy, piney, and citrus notes offer a stimulating yet relaxing experience at any time of the day.

  3. WIZARD TREES (TOP SHELF: AAA): A dynamic blend of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica genetics, this AAA-grade strain features a 25% THC content. Its sweet, fruity aroma leads to a stimulating cerebral buzz, followed by soothing relaxation.

  4. BANANA DADDY (Popcorn) (TOP SHELF: AAA-): This balanced blend, with 20% THC, provides a cerebral uplift and gentle relaxation, highlighted by the sweet, fruity flavors of banana and tropical fruit.


  1. AMNESIA HAZE (MID SHELF: AAA): With a 70/30 Sativa-Indica ratio and 23% THC, this strain energizes and uplifts, featuring a refreshing lemon and earth flavor profile, perfect for creative or social activities.

  2. OG KUSH (MID SHELF: AAA): Known for its 55/45 Sativa-Indica split and 22% THC, OG Kush offers an uplifting cerebral high and physical relaxation, with an earthy, pine, and citrus aroma.

  3. PURPLE PINEAPPLE EXOTIC (MID SHELF: AAA): This strain boasts 60% Indica and 40% Sativa genetics with 23% THC. It features an exotic aroma of fruity pineapple and purple florals, leading to uplifting creativity and soothing relaxation.


  1. KD (LOW SHELF: A): A unique Indica-dominant strain with 11-14% THC, KD is perfect for those seeking a sweet, fruity aroma and a gentle, calming high without intense psychoactive effects.


  1. ONE HITTER: This 100mm borosilicate glass one-hitter is designed for simplicity and ease of use, providing a discreet and efficient way to enjoy your cannabis.

Embrace the spirit of Songkran with Set #2, featuring a handpicked selection of cannabis essentials designed for diverse experiences. With limited availability, act swiftly to ensure your participation in this celebratory offering.

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