Sample Set #16
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Sample Set #16: It's Been A Long Time

Begin your exploration with Sample Set #16, a thoughtfully curated collection showcasing the diversity of cannabis. This set features a variety of strains, each offering its own balance of Sativa and Indica, along with distinct aroma profiles. Dive into this selection to discover new favorites and enjoy a range of experiences tailored to different preferences and occasions.

  1. Early Lemon Berry Popcorn Mini - AAAA: A balanced 50% Sativa and 50% Indica strain with 23% THC, known for its zesty lemon and sweet berry aroma. It offers a balanced effect, perfect for creativity and relaxation.

  2. 91 Octane Popcorn Mini - AAAA: A potent 70% Indica-dominant hybrid with 22% THC, featuring earthy and diesel aromas. Ideal for deep relaxation and a mild cerebral uplift.

  3. Strawberry Chemdog Popcorn Edition - AAAA: A balanced hybrid with 23% THC, known for its diesel and strawberry aroma. Provides an energetic start followed by a calming effect.

  4. Godfather OG Popcorn Mini - AAAA: A 60% Indica and 40% Sativa blend with 21% THC, offering earthy and pine flavors. Ideal for daytime creativity and evening relaxation.

  5. Big Detroit Energy Popcorn Edition - AAAA: A 50/50 Indica-Sativa hybrid with 23% THC, known for its earthy, sweet, and spicy aroma. Balances creative energy with calming effects.

  6. Banana Daddy Popcorn Mini - AAA: A 50% Indica and 50% Sativa blend with 19% THC, offering a rich banana and tropical fruit aroma. Perfect for mental clarity and physical comfort.

  7. Godfather OG Crumb Edition - AAAA: A finely ground variant with 25% THC, maintaining a 60% Indica and 40% Sativa balance. Offers earthy and spicy flavors with uplifting and calming effects.

  8. Sapphire OG Crumb Edition - AAAA: An 85% Indica-dominant strain with 25% THC, featuring earthy and citrus aromas. Provides deep relaxation with a touch of cerebral stimulation.

  9. Citradelic Sunset Crumb Edition - AAAA: A 70% Sativa-dominant blend with 25% THC, known for its sweet citrus aroma. Energizes and uplifts the mind while providing a soothing effect.

Sample Set #16 is not just a collection of strains; it's an affordable passport to a world of diverse cannabis experiences. It offers a unique opportunity to explore a variety of effects and flavors, making it ideal for those who love to experiment or are seeking their perfect match. Step into this journey of exploration and enjoy the luxury of variety at an accessible price, experiencing the rich tapestry of cannabis culture one strain at a time.


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