Runtz Muffin ( Crumb )
AAA ( Top Shelf )


Get ready to meet Runtz Muffin Crumb Edition, a unique and value-driven offering that redefines your cannabis experience without compromising on quality or potency. This mid-shelf AA strain still boasts a THC content of 21% and maintains a composition of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa, guaranteeing a delightful cannabis ride that both newbies and seasoned users will appreciate.

Runtz Muffin Crumb Edition presents a treat to your taste buds, with a taste profile showcasing a beautiful blend of sweetness and earthy undertones, reminiscent of a freshly baked muffin. The aroma is just as inviting, filling the air with an enchanting mix of fruity and earthy notes, setting the stage for the delightful experience to come.

As you embark on your journey with Runtz Muffin Crumb Edition, you'll first feel the lively influence of its Sativa side, providing an initial rush of energy and positivity. As your voyage continues, the soothing Indica component gently takes over, wrapping your body in a comforting blanket of relaxation. This makes Runtz Muffin an excellent choice for a balanced cannabis adventure that can help you transition from an active day to a peaceful evening seamlessly.

Despite its crumbled presentation, Runtz Muffin Crumb Edition holds onto the same robust potency and terpene profile of its original format. This means that you can still enjoy a quality cannabis experience that's not only convenient but also friendly to your wallet.

Runtz Muffin Crumb Edition is perfect for anyone seeking a cost-effective yet potent and flavorful cannabis journey. Step into this flavorful adventure today and discover the enticing world of Runtz Muffin Crumb Edition.

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July 02, 2023


Just landed on Cloud 9 with Runtz Muffin Crumb! Decked out with an exquisite blend of sweet and earthy notes, taking a puff is like biting into a tasty muffin. This strain punches way above its mid-shelf status without punching a hole in your pocket. The initial Sativa buzz felt like a rocket - pure uplifting energy, then slowly mellowed into a relaxed Indica bliss. The delivery and packaging were top-notch too, securely sealed and delivered right to my doorstep. Simply unbeatable.


June 09, 2023


The Runtz Muffin Crumb offers a fantastic smoking experience. Felt totally relaxed after a long day. Its sweetness is reminiscent of candy, and the earthy undertones capped off a beautiful flavor profile. Despite its mid-shelf grade, it definitely punches above its weight. Along with all the fabulous effects, also loved how each gram came in its individual mylar bag – talk about quality and attention to detail! Will be coming back for more!


May 15, 2023


Runtz Muffin Crumb is a brilliant deception in a nug! Don't let the AA mid-shelf rating fool you - this stuff rocks! I was up and about and then suddenly the relaxation kicked in, feeling like a soothing wave. The sweet and earthy tones really hit your palate right. And the packaging? Each gram sealed in its own tiny mylar bag? Dope. This is a gem.