Pine Soul ( Popcorn )
AAA ( Top Shelf )


Say hello to Pine Soul OG Popcorn Edition, an exceptional top-shelf AAA cannabis strain that despite its popcorn-sized buds, showcases an impressive potency with a 24% THC content. Crafted with a 75% Indica dominance and a lively 25% Sativa, this strain delivers a harmonious balance of effects that cater to both the uninitiated and seasoned connoisseurs.

Prepare your senses for a captivating journey with Pine Soul OG Popcorn Edition as it presents a striking flavor profile. Each inhalation transports you to a coniferous forest, with the prominent taste of pine elegantly accompanied by a hint of citrus sweetness. Its aroma follows suit, exuding a pleasing blend of crisp pine and earthy undertones, enticing you to come back for more.

Pine Soul OG Popcorn Edition offers an enticing journey that begins with the uplifting spirit of its Sativa influence. This initial phase sparks a wave of creativity and alertness, making it a companion for daytime activities or when you're in need of an invigorating push. As you delve further into the experience, the relaxing touch of the Indica side sets in, rolling a comforting wave of tranquility over your body. This gentle relaxation provides the perfect wind-down, making Pine Soul OG an excellent choice for an evening retreat.

In spite of their popcorn size, these petite buds are loaded with the same rich content of THC and complex terpenes as their larger siblings. This proves that Pine Soul OG Popcorn Edition is a potent player in the cannabis world, with size playing no role in the depth of the experience it provides.

Pine Soul OG Popcorn Edition is a standout strain that promises a well-rounded, flavorful, and satisfying cannabis voyage. If you're seeking a unique blend of invigoration and relaxation wrapped up in a burst of pine and citrus flavors, then look no further. Embark on the distinctive journey that is Pine Soul OG Popcorn Edition today!

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4.7 (3 reviews)

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July 24, 2023


Man, the Pine Soul OG Popcorn Edition is the bomb. Compact buds but boy do they hit hard. The scent is like walking through a pine-rich forest, fragrant and heady. It starts off with an alert vibe, gets the creative juices flowing, then mellowing out into this relaxed state. Ridiculous for such tiny buds to pack this much kick.


July 17, 2023


Had a go with Pine Soul OG Popcorn Edition lately, fascinating experience indeed! Despite the small boudoir, these buds pack some real punch. The blend of pine and citrus flavors unveils an enchanted coniferous forest, and it's love at first toke. The high starts off by sparking my creativity then gracefully transitions into a calm wave of relaxation. Highly recommended for those searching for a well-rounded strain that guarantees a thrilling pine and citrus journey.


July 08, 2023


Pine Soul OG really lives up to its AAA grade. The popcorn buds may be small, but they really know how to pack a punch! The initial wave of creativity and alertness is followed by this great wave of relaxation, definitely fantastic for winding down after a long day. The pine with a hint of citrus is a treat for the senses. Delivered in a swanky mylar bag, you couldn't ask for more! Stoner's paradise right here.