Orange Punch ( Kief )
AAAA ( Top Shelf )


Introducing the Orange Punch Kief Edition, an innovative derivative of the acclaimed AAAA cannabis strain, now boasting a pure, powdery form, with a staggering THC content of 32%. This exclusive product has been curated using a natural dry sifting process during trimming, ensuring no extraction methods are involved, resulting in a pure and potent kief version of your beloved strain - perfect for both seasoned connoisseurs and adventurous beginners.

The Orange Punch Kief Edition offers an enchanting, citrus-infused sensory journey. Its flavor profile bursts with succulent orange sweetness, underpinned subtly by earthy and spicy nuances. In harmony with its enticing flavor, the aroma permeates with a delightful blend of tangy citrus and earthy tones, urging you to indulge time and again.

Your experience with the Orange Punch Kief Edition starts with a rush of energetic, uplifting vibes from its Sativa fraction, providing a boost of creativity and motivation - a perfect companion for daytime activities or social endeavors. As the experience evolves, the calming tranquility of the Indica side gradually takes over, enveloping you in a warm blanket of relaxation, a seamless transition from a lively day to a serene evening.

Despite its powdery form, the Orange Punch Kief Edition commands respect, embodying the same robust potency and aromatic terpenes as its parental strain. This purified version gives you an effortless and economical way to appreciate the rich essence of the Orange Punch experience, minus any compromise on quality.

For those in search of a unique, flavorful, and balanced cannabis experience in a ready-to-use format, the Orange Punch Kief Edition is an outstanding choice. This high-quality product promises an exhilarating foray through citrusy flavors and well-rounded effects. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Orange Punch Kief Edition today, and experience convenience married with potency like never before.

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4.7 (15 reviews)

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August 18, 2023


Orange Punch Kief is an insane ride! Skyrocketing energy levels that led to some pretty inspired ideas. As evening fell, the chill vibe was a cozy cocoon of peace. The light citrusy flavor is pure pleasure. Not to forget how sick the stickers on those neat mylar bags are. Thumbs up for the affordable price tag too, a real bang for your buck.


July 31, 2023


Totally stoked about this Orange Punch Kief! The citrus notes were insanely good, like a tangy whiff of sunshine. Boosted productivity lickety-split and the unwinding vibe later was a real chill trip. Sick packaging, man! Dropping into tranquility never tasted better.


July 14, 2023


Tried the Orange Punch Kief and I gotta say, it's a definite add-to-cart! Loved the zestful surge in taste and feeling 'high and mighty' all day. Perfect for fun times with friends. The wind-down as dusk hits? Spot on, man. Plaudits for the superb delivery and showing off with those rad mylar bags.


July 13, 2023


Impressed by Orange Punch Kief! Citrus flavor hit my taste buds, while the high was pure magic. A great companion for brainstorming sessions during the day, and the Indica-soothing effect was a decent prelude to my evening relaxation. The THC content is impressive, and the packaging was on another level. Cheers to a great buy!


July 08, 2023


Took a hit of this Orange Punch Kief and boy, did it pack a punch! Never felt this uplifted before. The citrus-infused journey was a joyride, and the transition from active to relaxed was smooth. Would highly recommend. Stoney souvenirs delivered right to my doorstep in the snuggest little bag


July 03, 2023


Smashing! Orange Punch Kief offers an invigorating citrus twist and energetic high. Perfect to spark some novel ideas during the day, and subtly push you into the arms of relaxation by nightfall. Appreciated the top-tier packaging as well. It's like an orchestra in a pouch!


June 28, 2023


Gotta say, Orange Punch Kief was the sunshine I needed on a gloomy day! The citrus flavor got me smiling, while the sudden gush of energy got me out of my slump. Smooth transition into chill-mode, perfect for unwinding. Loved the discreet lil' mylar bags it was packed in. Great deal on the price too!


June 27, 2023


Orange Punch Kief, what an enchanting affair! The pop of citrus I got from it was pure serendipity. It got those artistic instincts flowing, love how it's just the right flutter of energy. And the ease into tranquility? Perfection. Delivery was swift, and the packaging? Top class. Stellar experience.


June 16, 2023


This Orange Punch Kief was just what the doctor ordered - a citrus symphony with a kick of energy! Got my creative juices flowing and eased me into an evening of relaxation. Every strain should be this balanced. Plus, the smallest mylar packages were uber-cool. Thanks for the great value!


June 13, 2023


Wowza! Toting the Orange Punch Kief felt like unboxing sunshine. That zestful taste...sensational! The high was one for the books - those creative gears never ran smoother. The ride from revved to relaxed was as smooth as silk. Talk about terpene richness and value pricing; this strain is a steal!


June 12, 2023


Pleasantly surprised by this Orange Punch Kief! A slice of citrus heaven with an energetic high. Perfect for breezing through those creative workdays. The serene Indica letdown was a gentle segue to chill evenings. High THC level, and the packaging? Top-notch. Good job!


June 07, 2023


Puffing on this Orange Punch Kief was like inhaling a citrusy dream. The sudden rush of creativity got me sketching for hours. Loved the delicate balance of energy and tranquility. The packaging and prompt delivery were on point. 'Dope' experience in every sense!


June 01, 2023


This Orange Punch Kief tastes like a burst of zesty sunrise on the tongue. The energetic uplift was great for some outdoor time! And sliding into evening relaxation was pure bliss. Its high-potency and killer packaging make it a heady citrus fantasy that doesn't disappoint.


June 01, 2023


This Orange Punch Kief caught me off guard with an unexpected burst of citrus bliss. It sparked a stream of divine creativity, making it a great daytime 'mate. You'd almost forget about the smooth transition into absolute relaxation. The mylar packaging and lighting-fast delivery? Spot on! Heads up, this one's a keeper!


May 19, 2023


Just had a taste of Orange Punch Kief - what an explosion of zest! Quality journey with a lively start, finished off by gentle relaxation. Ideal for my daily creative spurs. Can't forget how swift the delivery was and the neat packaging added a touch of class.