Herer of The Dog ( Popcorn )
AAA ( Top Shelf )


Welcome to the captivating realm of Herer of the Dog Popcorn Edition, a premier AAA cannabis strain that excels in delivering a potent and satisfying experience. Its popcorn-sized buds carry the same weight in effects as its bigger siblings, boasting an impressive THC content of 24%. This delightful strain is perfectly balanced with a 60% Indica dominance, complemented by a spirited 40% Sativa.

Herer of the Dog Popcorn Edition unveils a delectable flavor journey that will intrigue your palate. It combines an earthy essence with a surprising kick of spicy pepper, creating a unique flavor profile that is both bold and unexpected. The aroma takes a similar path, permeating the air with an alluring blend of spicy and earthy notes, punctuated by a subtle undertone of sweet pine that gently teases your senses.

The unique blend of Sativa and Indica in Herer of the Dog Popcorn Edition guarantees a well-rounded cannabis adventure. The journey begins with the uplifting influence of Sativa, ushering in an invigorating burst of energy and clarity. Ideal for daytime use, this strain enhances creativity and motivation, making it a perfect companion for productive tasks. As the journey unfolds, the calming effects of Indica gradually take over, cascading a wave of relaxation throughout your body. This soothing sensation is perfect for evening relaxation, promising a seamless transition from an active day to a serene night.

Even in its popcorn-size, Herer of the Dog packs a powerful punch, confirming that quality transcends size. These compact buds are loaded with the same depth of THC and terpenes as their larger counterparts, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful cannabis experience.

Herer of the Dog Popcorn Edition, with its balanced blend and tantalizing flavor profile, beckons you into a world of unparalleled cannabis experiences. Whether you're looking for a midday creativity boost or an evening wind-down, this strain promises to take you on a memorable journey. Discover the exceptional adventure that is Herer of the Dog Popcorn Edition today!

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3.6 (4 reviews)

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August 03, 2023


What an unexpected rollercoaster of tastes! Earthy base dances with spicy delight. Small buds, big magic! It catapulted my mind into a realm of focus and joy, and then gently lulled me into the most serene state of relaxation. Delivered promptly, great packaging! A gem, truly.


July 19, 2023


Astonishing array of flavors packed in this little dynamo! You can taste earthiness and a surprising twist of spicy kick, which together create a unique taste that's audacious yet enticing. The aroma is equally thrilling, with earthy notes blending into undertones of sweet pine. As for the effects, they're top-notch. Elevated my creativity levels and left me awash with relaxation. Small in size, but big on impact - Herer of the Dog didn't disappoint.

Jey Masuda

July 16, 2023

Will not buy this one agian


July 01, 2023


Herer of the Dog, oh what a ride! Not much of a fan of popcorn-sized buds, but man does this strain prove me wrong. That spicy pepper kick blending with earthiness is like a party on your taste buds and the sweet pine aroma, just exquisite. Boosted my work productivity quite a bit and then eased me into chillaxed evening vibes. Y'all gotta give this a try, price is a total steal too!