Godfather OG ( Popcorn )
AAAA ( Top Shelf )


Introducing the Godfather OG Popcorn, a new, popcorn size variant of the classic strain that's just as impressive. This latest addition to our product line offers a robust 23% THC, perfectly encapsulating both quality and value in a more compact form.

Despite their diminutive size, the Godfather OG Popcorn buds pack a full punch. They maintain the ideal 60% Indica and 40% Sativa blend, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling cannabis experience.

These tiny buds boast the characteristic earthy flavor of the original Godfather OG, complemented by subtle pine notes that evoke the peacefulness of a forest. The aroma is equally captivating, with a warm, spicy scent that immerses you in nature's embrace.

The Sativa component of the Godfather OG Popcorn gently lifts your spirits and clarifies your thoughts, making it a great companion for daytime activities or creative pursuits. As the experience progresses, the Indica side comes into play, enveloping you in a comforting sense of calm and relaxation, ideal for winding down after a busy day.

The Godfather OG Popcorn may be small in size, but they are mighty in impact, delivering the strong and enjoyable effects associated with the Godfather OG strain. This new variant demonstrates that excellent quality and value can coexist in a smaller package, offering an affordable yet authentic experience that stays true to the renowned Godfather OG profile.

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FEB 29, 2024


Picked up some Godfather OG Popcorn and this strain's dank aroma and flavor blew my mind - so much fire in such small nugs! The relaxation kicks in deep, like sinking into the softest couch. Kudos for quick dispatch in the raddest packaging!


FEB 26, 2024


The Godfather OG Popcorn nugs are the real MVPs, hands down. Intense relaxation kicks in that's nothing short of divine. These little bad boys have set a high benchmark for others to reach. Hats off to the slick delivery and A-class packaging too!


FEB 25, 2024


These Godfather OG Popcorn nugs are legit happiness in a bag! Not just your average buds, these babies dance with an earthy rhythm and deliver a high that's pure joy! I'm talkin' not-stop grins and good times.


FEB 19, 2024


Euphoria hit me like a comfy hammock swaying in a tropical breeze. Godfather OG Popcorn's got this down-to-earth vibe; hits hard, then cradles you into such a mellow zone. The piney backdrop's dope - like a nature walk from your couch.


FEB 11, 2024


Blissed out to the max with these adorable little Godfather OG Popcorn nugs. They’re packin’ major chill vibes—totally groovy for my nightcap sesh. The quality's top, the price ain't knockin' my wallet, and the delivery? Spot on, bro!


JAN 30, 2024


Those little Godfather OG Popcorn nugs are a treat - it's like being enveloped in a euphoric cloud that lifts the spirits, yet doesn't cloud the judgement. Adequately potent and superbly balanced between the heady high and the body calm. And the packaging, man - each gram came like a mini vault of freshness. This is some next-level stuff right here.


JAN 21, 2024


This Godfather OG Popcorn is a game-changer, packs a serene buzz that straight-up unwinds the soul. Real talk, these nugs are on point!


JAN 07, 2024


Bliss in a small bag! The Godfather OG Popcorn nugs deliver a terpene-rich experience that's as memorable as it is potent. That earthy base sprinkled with pine whispers tantalizes the palate. Plus, the fast delivery and sublime packaging had each gram arriving in style, secured like miniature treasures. The perfect balance of Indica and Sativa in these little warriors is a testament to careful cultivation. Props for achieving such potency with popcorn-sized perfection. A strain like this is a rare find; good job keeping the quality sky-high while the price doesn't take off!


JAN 06, 2024


Just got hold of this Godfather OG Popcorn and oh boy, it's the epitome of bang for your buck! With every puff, I was diving deeper into relaxation - it was like sinking into a plush, velvety, cloud of chill. It's not just the size that makes these minis mighty; the potency they come with is like a cozy bear hug after a long day. Kudos for the lightning-fast delivery and the on-point packaging - each gram cradled in its own little armor. If you're a fan of the OG strains, this will surely hit your sweet-spot. Satisfaction's guaranteed with this purchase!


DEC 21, 2023


Mighty munchies with this Godfather OG Popcorn! Packed with flavor and a knockout punch that'll have you smiling all day long. Price is a steal too!