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Zoap & White Truffle Combo Pack

Dive into a world of premium cannabis with our Zoap & White Truffle Combo Pack, showcasing two exquisite strains that blend the best of Indica and Sativa qualities:

  1. Zoap - AAAA Grade (Top Shelf) Zoap, an extraordinary hybrid strain, stands as a perfect blend of Rainbow Sherbet and Pink Guava. This AAAA-grade cannabis exhibits a powerful 24% THC content, offering a quick-onset head high that clears the mind of worry, followed by a relaxing body effect. With its sweet, floral, and slightly soapy flavor profile, Zoap is a delight to the senses. Medical marijuana patients often favor Zoap for its efficacy in relieving stress and fatigue. Its balanced genetics make it ideal for those seeking a harmonious experience of relaxation and mental clarity.

  2. White Truffle - AAAA Grade (Top Shelf) Introducing White Truffle, a premium Indica-dominant hybrid and a type of Gorilla Butter, renowned for its 24% THC level. This strain offers a quick-hitting head high, followed by a deeply relaxing body effect. Known for its savory, earthy flavor with skunky undertones, White Truffle is a top choice for unwinding after a long day. It's particularly effective for medical marijuana patients in alleviating symptoms related to stress and fatigue. The strain's visually striking buds, dusted with frosty trichomes and dark brown hairs, reflect its potency and quality.

Our Zoap & White Truffle Combo Pack invites you to experience the best of both worlds - the uplifting clarity of Zoap and the profound relaxation of White Truffle. Each strain, with its unique flavor and effect profile, complements the other, providing a well-rounded cannabis experience suited for various needs and moments.


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FEB 05, 2024


The essence of Zoap is a cerebral fiesta, while White Truffle's my go-to for some serious couch-lock. Bang for buck? Absolutely!


FEB 05, 2024


Zoap delivered a high that sparked my creativity like a live wire, and White Truffle lulled me into a state of sublime chillness.


FEB 03, 2024


Zoap has that zesty flavor that sends your taste buds on a wild ride, while White Truffle is the gourmet's choice for chilling out, both fire in their own right. Puffin' on these is a luxe journey!


FEB 01, 2024

Mental ClarityMental Clarity

Zoap's head high is like a symphony conductor, orchestrating my thoughts into a masterpiece. Pure genius!


JAN 24, 2024

Mental ClarityMental Clarity

Feeling absolutely blessed after blazing that Zoap, a real terpene treasure with sweet floral hints that make every hit a delight. Also, those individually sealed mylar bags? Super fresh stash every time!


JAN 22, 2024


White Truffle is straight-up chill vibes. That head buzz hits quick and then it's just cruising on a cloud of calm. Top-notch relaxation without zoning out too hard.