Sativa Combo Set ( Sample Set )
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Introducing our Sativa Combo Set, featuring two extraordinary strains, each available in various weights:

  1. Jack Herer - AAAA Grade (Top Shelf) Introducing the Jack Herer, a top-shelf AAAA grade cannabis experience. This Sativa-dominant gem boasts a remarkable 24% THC content. The flavor profile stays true to the iconic Jack Herer strain, offering a blend of piney and earthy undertones, accented by hints of citrus. The aroma enhances the experience, enveloping you in uplifting scents akin to a forest walk.

    Embark on a journey fueled by creativity and focus, thanks to its 80% Sativa makeup. The 20% Indica content subtly grounds the high, avoiding any sleepiness and making it an excellent choice for daytime use or creative activities.

    On the medicinal front, the concentrated potency of this edition amplifies its already wide range of benefits, suitable for various conditions.

  2. Punchberry Cookies - AAAA Grade (Top Shelf) Meet Punchberry Cookies - an exceptional variant of the sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing Mandarin Cookies and Purple Punch strains. These buds may be small but offer a remarkable AAAA top-shelf experience with a THC content of 25%.

    The flavor profile is a tantalizing mix of rich berry sweetness and refreshing citrus undertones, paying homage to its parent strains. The aroma complements the flavor, filling your environment with a delightful blend of fruity and earthy tones.

    With 80% Sativa dominance, Punchberry Cookies delivers a cerebral high that fuels creativity and brings a surge of motivation. This energetic lift transitions into a calming influence that balances the experience without overwhelming the senses, making it perfect for both daytime and evening use.

Our Sativa Combo Set highlights our commitment to providing strains with exceptional potency and flavor profiles. Experience the energetic and balanced worlds of Jack Herer and Punchberry Cookies, where superior genetics and precise cultivation merge to deliver unmatched cannabis experiences.

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