Indica Combo Set ( Sample Set )
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Introducing our Indica Combo Set, featuring two remarkable strains, each available in various weights:

  1. Florida Gaspack - AAAA Grade (Top Shelf) Introducing Florida Gaspackā€”a top-shelf, AAAA-grade cannabis strain with an impressive 24% THC content. This Indica-dominant blend at 75% ensures a deeply relaxing experience. The aroma is distinctive and pungent, resembling fuel with undertones of earth and citrus. The flavor profile complements its strong effects, adding a complex layer to the experience.

    Begin your journey with a mild head high, thanks to its 25% Sativa content, sufficient to elevate your mood and sharpen your focus. However, the primary attraction is the 75% Indica genetics, delivering a deep sense of relaxation that envelops your body, ideal for unwinding without feeling glued to the couch.

    Medicinally, the high THC level makes it effective for various issues, such as chronic pain, insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Florida Gaspack serves as a versatile remedy, perfect for those seeking both relaxation and a touch of focus.

  2. 91 Octane - AAAA Grade (Top Shelf) Presenting 91 Octane: a meticulously crafted, 70% Indica-dominant strain perfect for cannabis enthusiasts. With an equally impressive THC content of 24%, this top-shelf AAAA cannabis offers a potent and nuanced experience. The aroma profile combines earthy, spicy, and diesel notes, making it an aromatic delight.

    The 70% Indica genetics provide a deep, body-focused relaxation, perfect for unwinding or enhancing a tranquil moment. The experience is rounded out by its 30% Sativa genetics, offering a subtle cerebral uplift and a gentle sense of euphoria.

    Whether you're seeking relief from chronic pain, anxiety, or simply looking to relax, 91 Octane serves as a versatile remedy, capturing the full essence of its parent strain.

Our Indica Combo Set underlines our dedication to offering strains with high potency and remarkable flavor profiles. Experience the best of both worlds with Florida Gaspack and 91 Octane, where top-tier genetics and careful cultivation come together to create unparalleled cannabis experiences.

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