Sample Set #11
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Introducing SAMPLE SET #11: ONE-HIT WONDERS - a diverse sampler set featuring a range of exceptional strains, priced at only 1000 THB. This pack also includes a borosilicate glass one-hitter pipe for a easy smoking experience.

  1. Lilac Diesel (1g) - AAAA Grade (Top Shelf) Delight in the balanced hybrid that is Lilac Diesel. Enjoy uplifting, happy, and talkative feelings complemented by lavender, diesel, and flowery flavors. Its THC content stands at 24%, making it a potent choice for handling anxiety, depression, and stress.

  2. Mexican Airlines (1g) - AAA Grade (Top Shelf) Embark on a euphoric ride with this Sativa-dominant hybrid. Expect a focused, energetic, and tingly experience paired with lemony, spicy, and citrusy flavors. This strain has a THC content of 21% and is beneficial for conditions such as depression, pain, and anxiety.

  3. Kush Mints (1g) - AAA Grade (Top Shelf) Indulge in the balanced hybrid Kush Mints, a strain that brings relaxed, hungry, and happy feelings. The mint, menthol, and pine flavors make it a refreshing experience. With 26% THC content, it is an excellent choice for handling anxiety, stress, and depression.

  4. Grand Daddy Purple (1g) - AA Grade (Mid Shelf) Immerse yourself in the Indica strain Grand Daddy Purple. Its potent effects leave you feeling sleepy, relaxed, and hungry. Enjoy the flavors of grape, berry, and violet with a THC content of 20%. It is known for aiding conditions such as stress, pain, and anxiety.

  5. Godfather OG (1g) - AA Grade (Low Shelf) Embrace the powerful effects of Godfather, an Indica-dominant strain. Experience relaxation, happiness, and euphoria alongside earthy, pine, and spicy flavors. With a THC content of 23%, it's ideal for managing insomnia, pain, and stress.

This set also includes a 1g mystery sample of AAA grade and a one-hitter for an optimized smoking experience. Enjoy the variety and unique effects of the SAMPLE SET #11: ONE-HIT WONDERS.


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